About Us

Infrastructural with Requisite Amenities

JMD International possesses a state of the art infrastructural facility which is highly spacious and has requisite specified machineries as per the industry requirements, which helps us, customize your products and bring out the final product as per the way you first visualized it in your mind.

This facility comprises all the essentials required to serve and pamper your business needs, per say, a designing division, quality monitoring division, packaging division and warehousing & storage unit. Each vertical is led by an expert who supervises designing & development of candle holder, copper ware, singing bowls, spiritual crafts, lanterns, vases, votive holders, wooden boxes and decorative items in bulk quantity. Furthermore, this facility assists us in timely meeting the exact requirements of the patrons and in carrying out the procedure in an easy way.

We lay the foundation of our success to the principles laid down by our forefathers, one being, building relationships than merely executing transactions, as it is only in relationships, one makes extra efforts and leaves no room to bring in perfection, in whatever manner possible.

Packaging & Delivery

You choose the place, we'll meet you there.

Our products can reach you anywhere around the globe, making us your perfect friend whom you can bank upon. This has been one of the most prominent bridge in building our relationships with all our clients around all 7 continents, and growing together. Your growth is our success, simple to understand, beautiful when felt.

Our highest quality packaging material ensures to you the most secure shipment, letting you handle your customers at peace, while we make sure you products reach you in time, carrying the highest quality possible.

We understand business, and the unsaid intricacies of it, hence there are many modes of transport to make your product reach you, and we let you choose the most convenient for you, fulfilling your need from time to time, taking into consideration your requirement at a given point in time, be it cost or urgency, you always have us to help you.

Constant Focus on Quality

Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.

Your customers will keep coming to you when they get the best quality products and supplying the same to you, we'll make sure you never lose a customer, rather witness a J curve in your sales, with your best quality products.

Each of our products has the best feel, has a durability that one might get bored seeing a product but won't have to discard due to quality.

It is the little things which actually matter, and all little things done right, a perfect product makes it way forward to the end customer.

Be it the quality of the glass or the metal used, all the direct and indirect raw materials put to use, we take care of it all.

Our promoters themselves supervise the entire unit, leaving no room for any error at any point.

Special audits and random audits are conducted at our unit to ensure you have a good night sleep leaving all your product worries to us.

A quality check at each stage is conducted.

Company profile

Our more than 50 years of experience in this field makes us one of the most prominent players in this industry. We lead by modern management principles, while our foundation is strongly built on values, morals and cultures.

In the year 2002, Vishal Agarwal with his brother Vivek Agarwal, together set out to extended the family business, and bring more glory the most prominent family of Western Uttar Pradesh (Kanti Mill Wale), India and leave their mark on the globe, establishing JMD International, a separate enterprise to simply cater to the international market.


We let you know with utmost humbleness, that our products our sold in all the 7 continents around the globe. Wherever you're from, we at JMD International, leave no room, to serve you.


Strategies are replaced by principles at JMD International.

Since 50 years our principles have remain unchanged.

Business is trust, which is something that ought to be the natural.

The foundation of ours is laid on the solid principles of pampering the customer by serving the best quality products, on time with absolute transparency.

We are into a business of building relationships, monetary transactions are a by product of it which helps us give employment to people, giving their family members a two times meal, a good education to their children and taking care of the duties and responsibilities towards their elders.